Your Stream, Simplified!

Nightbot is a chat bot for Twitch that can perform a variety of moderating tasks specifically designed to create a more efficient and friendly environment for your community.

  Rowdy Chat?

No problem! Nightbot can watch your chat and enforce custom filtering rules to stop the spam that is not appropriate for your community. Nightbot currently offers filters for links, caps, emotes, symbols, and more.

  Recurrent Questions?

Nightbot's got you covered! Create dynamic custom commands and timers to automate the sharing of social links and important information pertaining to your channel on Twitch.

  Free Love

I try to offer the best support to my users. I take suggestions and feedback seriously, and I go out of my way to help those who need it. Nightbot wouldn't be as top-notch as it is today without community support.

Still Not Convinced?

I encourage you to take a look around. Every one of the live streams featured on this page use Nightbot to simplify their streams. You can too!